In Japan, February 22 is Cat Day, a holiday to celebrate everything CATS. While many cat owners celebrate by cuddling with their balls of fur, one Japanese restaurant took the celebration a step further.

For one day, cat food brand Mon Petit (“Fancy Feast” in Japanese) opened a restaurant in honor of their furry clients. Every dish on the menu is a human food version of cat food.



If that’s not enough cat-crazy for you, Mon Petit took their idea a step further. Every waiter was in feline costume, complete with face paint and ears.

According to Rocket News 24, each guest received a set of necomimi, which are “mind-controlled” kitty ears designed to wiggle and turn with their wearer’s brainwaves.


Don’t even get us started on the menu. The restaurant exclusively served fresh-made dishes based on canned Mon Petit products. Turkey terrine, grilled beef, and creamy seafood soup are all products available for purchase. The only difference is that diners didn’t eat them out of a tin.

This is giving us horrible flashbacks to the woman who eats 900 cat treats every day because “they just burst with flavor.”

The restaurant, which closes today, is a classy-looking establishment in the Azabu area of Tokyo.

Scroll down for a look at Mon Petit restaurant’s elaborate feline chow.





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