Besides picking up turds, the only downside to owning a pet might be opening up that smelly can of pet food and taking in a whiff of the potent and processed smell of canned tuna, chicken, and other mystery meats.

Say goodbye to gross cat food that you wouldn’t dare ingest: Japanese cat cafe Neco Meshi has created a line of snacks that cats and humans can munch on together. Imagine sitting down with your beloved feline at your nearby cafe to share a package of dried herring or smoked bonito. It’s like a date, only you’re sharing your food with a cat instead of a significant other—which might be preferable because the cat won’t pass judgement on how much you’re eating.

The snacks come in a variety of flavors including smoked bonito, grilled bonito, dried mackerel furikake, and dried herrings and sardines. After sampling the snacks for themselves, the staff at Rocket News 24 came to the conclusion that the cat snacks made for humans and cats alike are pretty damn delicious, except for the dried herrings and sardines (the cat hated that one).

If you are hoping to snatch some of the cat snacks for yourself, Rocket News 24 has provided a link where you can purchase some for 540 yen (US $4.50).

[via Rocket News 24]