For photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Charlotte Omnès, the James Bond films have always been missing one thing that Ian Fleming’s books had in abundance: detailed food porn.

Sleek Aston Martins, beautiful women, finely tailored clothing, and very specific martini instructions are all well and good—but that certainly doesn’t mean Bond didn’t know how to feast. So Hargreaves and Omnès teamed up to create Dying To Eat, a project showcasing the most lavish meals from each of Fleming’s novels. According to Hargreaves,

“To a 1950s postwar audience, Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were an escape. For the war-weary man, Bond’s adventures represented the ultimate fantasy down to the finest detail—including food, a facet largely absent from the nearly two dozen 007 films… by presenting an authentic picture of what was considered exotic or gourmet at the time, the images reveal much about the cultural climate of the day, as they do about the food.”

Fun fact: Hargreaves’ grandfather, coincidentally, served with Fleming during the war and consulted on some of the tailoring details of the Bond books. We showcased some of our favo(u)rite photographs from Dying To Eat, but you can check out the entire series on Hargreaves’ site.

Casino Royale

On the menu: Caviar with extra toast, grilled rognon de veau, pommes souffles, fraises de bois with a lot of cream, tournedos underdone with sauce Béarnaise, half an avocado pear with a little French dressing

hh small casino royale


On the menu: Stone crabs (fresh not frozen) with melted butter and thick toast, two pints of pink Champagne, two double vodka Martinis to start

hh small goldfinger

Live & Let Die

On the menu: Little Neck Clams and Fried Chicken Maryland with bacon and sweet corn

hh small live and let die

Diamonds Are Forever

On the menu: Smoked salmon, Brizzola (rib-eye steak), medium-dry Martini made with Cresta Blanca vermouth from California
hh small diamonds

You Only Live Twice

On the menu: Kobe beef fed four pints of beer a day and massaged with shochu, accompanied by a saucer of blood.

hh small you only live twice

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