The image of Han Solo trapped in carbonite is easily one of the most iconic images from the Star Wars films.

It stuck with artist Henry Hargreaves so much that he decided to immortalize the cinematic moment in chocolate, along with other superhero obsessions from his childhood.

His Jabba’s Bounty project is based on the high-concept idea that all of these characters ended up like Harrison Ford. He explains:

The ruthless gangster, Jabba the Hut, put out a bounty on my favorite childhood characters.

They suffer the same fate as Han Solo in Return of the Jedi and are hung as trophies on his wall, all frozen in carbonite.

But in my grown up world food has replaced fantasy as my obsession so here they are all made from chocolate!

Pretty weird and awesome, huh? We chatted with Hargreaves to find out more about his delicious project, and how he pulled it off.

jabba's bounty in process 5

What kind of chocolate did you use?

Milk chocolate.

Were there any childhood characters that you considered using, but that didn’t make the cut?

I originally wanted to bring some some female characters to give it wider appeal. But then I wanted to be true to myself and these guys were my favs!

jabba's bounty in process 3

Did you make up any backstories as to why Jabba would set a bounty on any of these characters? Was he perhaps jealous that Homer Simpson was catching up to him in the gluttony stakes?

I’m happy for people’s imaginations to run laps around the truth. I just think there’s something fun when the superhero genre overlaps, like the new Avengers movies.

jabba's bounty in process 6

Had you attempted chocolate work like this before? Were there any unforeseen difficulties that arose during the process of casting the chocolates? 

Yeah, I originally made the first ones from supermarket chocolate, but it’s not supposed to be melted twice and it burnt. I then got a friend of mine, a ‘flourist’ Amirah Kassem to get the proper milk chocolate that would melt and pour evenly. 

jabba's bounty in process 2

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Jabba’s Bounty.

Jabba’s Bounty

jabbasBounty_Batman jabbasBounty_Hulk jabbasBounty_IndianaJones jabbasBounty_OptimusPrime jabbasBounty_Raphael jabbasBounty_HulkHogan jabbasBounty_Kermit jabbasBounty_Homer jabbasBounty_Woody

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