A blog called well + GOOD brings word of two Angelenos who have created the term “Souping”—and a cleanse business based on it, called Soupure.

Soupure makes “a range of all-natural hot and cold organic soups, tonics, and waters developed to nourish, restore and heal.” Soupure offers everything from a collagen-rich cooked bone broth to a black soup made of bananas and black sesame. 


The founders say, “We don’t believe that juice cleanses are a realistic ongoing lifestyle choice in place of food…souping is a more satisfying way to cleanse.” But do they realize that souping is, essentially, savory juicing (a.k.a gazpacho-ing)? And that “souping” is, definitively, the most basic thing ever? Souping is more basic than Chop’t salads, pumpkin spice Chobani, and brunch combined.

Before it becomes a trend—which it inevitably will—we have this to say about souping:


Here’s a thought: start eating solid food. Actually, just start eating air—it’s SOUPer nourishing and we’ll sell you a FWF-branded bottle of air for $9 (plus tax).

Soupure is now delivering their 1,200 calorie PureCure cleanse (a liquid diet sold at a 900% markup) throughout Los Angeles.

[via well + GOOD]

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