The biggest mystery of our time is not whether Tupac is alive or if the Illuminati is real.

The biggest mystery of our time is whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich—an issue that everyone from Hannibal Buress to Ludacris has weighed in on. The “is a hot dog a sandwich” war continues to rage on, this time as the locker room topic of debate for the Buffalo Bills.

WGRZ’s Jonah Javad took it upon himself to interview the various players and attempt to reach a consensus on whether or not a hot dog is, indeed, a sandwich. 

The players go back and forth, with arguments that really start to make you question your stance on the matter.

As Javad makes his way through the locker room, the real hard-hitting questions begin to appear. Jordan Gay brings up the following argument: if a hot dog is a sandwich, then a taco should really be considered a sandwich as well.

With a football team split and no definitive answer on the great hot dog debate, we are left exactly where we started, wondering how to categorize a hot dog.

But the Buffalo Bills are not the only people to weigh in on the matter, oh no. Here are the opinions of other stars and the thoughts they have on the pending issue: 

Justin Warner and Chrissy Teigen

Stance: Sandwich

After Hannibal Buress began a Twitter debate on the hot dog-sandwich topic, Chrissy Teigen and Justin Warner decided to voice their opinions. Both stars are under the impression that when the meat meets the bun, the food becomes a sandwich.

Pauly Casillas

Stance: Sandwich

Casillas makes the argument that when a hot dog is accompanied by a bun or other form of bread, it becomes a sandwich. Beyond the bun, the hot dog is just a piece of meat.

Tyrese Gibson

Stance: Hot Dog

The hot dog only becomes a sandwich when it is accompanied by its accessories, such as the hot dog bun. Furious star Tyrese Gibson states, “It’s a hot dog. You can make a sandwich out of it, but it’s a hot dog with a hot dog bun. If I catch someone eating turkey or bologna with a hot dog bun, I will slap the shit out of them. You’re breaking the rules. It’s not right.”


Stance: Sandwich

In an interview for Furious 7, Ludacris offered his expertise. He confidently expressed that a hot dog is, indeed, a sandwich: “Yep. You can make it a sandwich. Throw extra shit on there, man. Turn it upside down. Or turn it sideways.”

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