The smartphone could very well be our most consistent mealtime companion. It helps us catch up on news over breakfast. It captures our most memorable meals and allows us to share them with our tweeps. It might even pop up while we’re out having dinner with friends, to answer a question or provide amusement. And now, thanks to MisoSoupDesign’s “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl,” you can ensure that it’s always right in front of you at meals. 

The bowl props up your smartphone with a holder slotted on the edge of the bowl. CNET’s Amanda Kooser recommends a screen cover, and we’d agree with her. It’s only wise to protect your phone when your’e slurping down a bowl of hot soup.

While the device is modeled with ramen in mind, it is just as handy for oatmeal, stews, and really anything else that’d you’d eat from a bowl. And though it apparently comes in red and black, there are no indications as to where one can even buy one. At least not just yet.

If you’re lonely enough, you’ll probably trek to the ends of the earth to find one.

[via CNET]