Season 4 Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard got married to craft beer consultant Gary Valentine last weekend. Although we’re sure the whole meal was delicious, and a far cry from typically boring wedding fare, we’re here to talk dessert.

The couples wedding cake—crafted by Izard’s pastry chef Mathew Rice of Girl and the Goat—was what dreams are made of. Specifically our dreams. The first layer featured strawberry Nesquik with a chocolate marble and bacon buttercream frosting. That right there is impressive enough for us. But no, Rice went a step further for cake layer number two, incorporating—I hope you’re sitting down when you read this—Cheez-Its. Deep breaths. They were covered in chocolate ganache and peanut butter. Still with us?

Rice was inspired to use Izard’s favorite snack food, the main challenge being “keeping the crunchy stuff crunchy in the middle of a super moist cake.”

The cake was a hit, which isn’t very surprising to anyone who’s ever tried Cheeze-Its or wedding cake. So much so that Izard is reproducing it for her Little Goat and Little Goat Bread at Chicago’s French Market, at an extremely reasonable price of $3 a slice. If you’re reading this and you live in Chicago, you lucky bastard, get out of your chair and go get yourself a piece. And save a bite for us.

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