The battle of the buns wages on. Huffington Post reports that Rockit Burger Bar in Chicago is dishing up what they’re calling a “Mac Attack”: a burger topped with scallions, lettuce, tomato, and Sriracha ketchup, sandwiched between—what else but—deep-fried mac n’ cheese buns.

We know, we know, we might have contributed to this growing craze when we joined together those two delectable fad foods, the Umami Buger and the Cronut, in holy matrimony. Do we regret it? Nope. But we must admit, we miss the light-as-air, soft, and oh-so-humble burger buns of our past. (Shout out to Martin’s Potato Rolls.)

We can’t say our curiosity isn’t peaked, though. If the Mac Attack was offered to us, who are we to decline? But, in a final plea, please at least leave our pizza crust alone!

Click through the gallery for a look at all the bun substitutes that have come about in recent history.

[via Huffington Post]

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