We all know Bey loves pizza. Beyoncé loves it so much, in fact, that she once displayed her devotion to pizza with the matching printed crop top and pants ensemble seen below. For Beyoncé, pizza is not only delicious, it’s high fashion.

But aside from hinting at her love for pie, B has never spoken directly about her particular pizza preferences—until now. 

In her first print-magazine interview in roughly two years, Beyoncé speaks with Beat magazine about everything from Fetty Wap to Netflix and chill to cheesy, saucy pizza.

According to a preview of the interview (out on news stands today, Oct 21), Bey admits she likes her pizza with “extra tomato sauce and jalapeños.”


pizza-beyonceOther amazing Beyonce pizza facts: She once traveled to Italy—the cradle of O.G. pizza—with Ivy and Jay for authentic margherita.

beyonce(Photo: Facebook/Beyoncé)

What’s more, B has a Sunday night ritual of ordering pizza (Neapolitan, of course) at Brooklyn’s Lucali, which serves as a friendly reminder that a happy marriage centers around weekly pizza trips.

Now stare at this pic of Beyoncé with a chicken from the Beat photoshoot, and know that when it comes to poultry preferences, Queen B is all about Nando’s.


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