“Pizza is like sex—even when it’s bad, it’s good,” a wise, pizza-obsessed man once said. We personally understand that nothing can trigger happiness quite like the smell of cheesy, saucy pie.

Pizza is all around us: in movies, on just about every street corner, and in our dreams. And because of it’s omnipresence, versatility, and straight-up amazingness, pizza has become a pop-culture icon.

Even the art world has taken a step away from the obscure to pay its respects to the foodstuff. From over-the-top pizza kitsch, to pizza-inspired nails, to surreal drawings of men hovering on pizza boards, the potential that pie has to stir up inspiration among artists is boundless.

But before you sit back and allow us to take you on a tour of some of the greatest pizza art out there, we’d like you to pick up the phone, call up your local pizzeria, and hook yourself up with a large pie.

Click through the gallery for a look at 20 renditions of pizza as art.

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