When Adidas officially launched its #miZXFlux app on August 22nd for iOS and Android devices, some people already knew it would be a game-changer in terms of sneaker customization. What they probably never predicted is that a lot of people want to wear their food (and drink) love on their newly-designed kicks.

Seriously, there are a lot of food-related designs to look at if you just look up the tag #mizxflux on Instagram. If you’re a sneakerhead/food obsessive who’s stuck in line somewhere, that tag is for you.

Here are some of our favorites. And don’t blame us if you get a sudden case of the munchies.


mizx flux bacon

Photo: Instagram/@dj_raider


mizx flux banana

Photo: Instagram/@jia_huei_

Los Niños

mizx flux bananas

Photo: Instagram/@arika800


mizx flux bell peppers

Photo: Instagram/@borisrio


mizx flux coca  cola

Photo: Instagram/@juliensneakeraficionado

…Make Lemonade

mizx flux lemons

Photo: Instagram/@juliensneakeraficionado

This Sneaker Brought To You By The Letter “M”

mizx flux m&ms

Photo: Instagram/@francescorapino


mizx flux margherita

Photo: Instagram/@jason_tsao

Does This Count Toward Your 5-A-Day?

mizx flux mind your peas and carrots

Photo: Instagram/@psysi247

Try Feeding Flux Pepperoni To Mr. Fusion

mizx flux pepperoni pizza

Photo: Instagram/@hayley.jade.hardy


mizx flux popcorn

Photo: Instagram/@paksuaki

The Footwear of Keizo Shimamoto

mizx flux ramen

…or it should be, anyway. (Photo: Instagram/j_ro_arx7)


mizx flux scarole

Photo: Instagram/@juliensneakeraficionado

Someone needs to get these for Roy Choi

mizx flux spam teriyaki

Photo: Instagram/@raisedbyculture

For Javahead-Sneakerheads

mizx flux starbucks mermaid

Photo: Instagram/@runreb42


mizx flux sushi

Photo: Instagram/@erone121


mizx flux triple decker burger

Photo: Instagram/@kuyawow

Just Add Syrup

mizx flux waffles

Photo: Instagram/@fr33com

You Knew This Was Coming

mizxflux sriracha

Photo: Instagram/@jarrett.burton

Delicious Fish from Kuala Lumpur

mizx flux fish

Photo: Instagram/@russbengtson

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