This isn’t ice cream in the shape of bread. It’s ice cream literally made into bread. You know, the stuff you can slather with butter and turn into bangin’ sandwiches? After a post by Reddit user airforcehusband about his ice-cream bread coup and a quick Google search, we realized there is a whole ice-cream bread world out there just waiting to be explored.

The recipe for this bread is so mind blowingly simple that even the biggest baking chump could handle it with ease. Two ingredients and two steps. All you have to do is mix self-rising flour with softened ice cream of choice and bake. Boom. Bread.

It works best with full fat ice creams that are packed with real ingredients and have fewer preservatives. Just imagine how awesome a loaf of Rocky Road or Cherry Garcia bread could be, and how next level your morning french toast could be.

This gives a whole new meaning to ice-cream sandwich. Check out the versions above for some baking inspiration.