Rappers, like the rest of us, are completely food-obsessed. They rhyme about everything from glazed doughnuts to swordfish, invest in restaurants, and Instagram meals made by their private chef. But like many of us, not all rappers were born gourmands—it’s just that their journey from the zero to 60 (or, in this case, Hamburger Helper to filet mignon) tends to be particularly accelerated due to the fast-track career of rap stardom. One day you’re on the block eating beef and broccoli out of a takeout container, and the next you’re on a private jet flying to Paris for the best croissant of your life. There’s a reason the music industry, like college, has a Freshman 15 stigma.

Studying lyrics and music videos, a common path toward hip-hop epicureanism emerges. From humble beginnings to extravagant feasts, the path to rap-life grubbing is strewn with chicken wings, lobster claws, and a whole lot of empty rosé bottles. Let’s take a journey through the rap-life diet, with some help from some of our favorite music videos.

Click through the gallery above to the essential stages of eating like a rapper.

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