We’ve enjoyed a good run of meals in 2012, and there are plenty more to look forward in the next year, particularly if positive trends such as craft-beer pairings and increased awareness of the provenance of ingredients continues.

Grub Street takes a look at how the restaurant scene has shifted in various cities across the country this year, drawing some dots between national trends and pointing out more regional ones as well.

In more than one city (Los Angeles, Boston, and Philly), it was all about ramen—to the extent that “people had nervous breakdowns over not getting Guchi Midnight Ramen pop-up tickets” in Beantown.

As the hankering for Japanese noodle soups rose, there were bold claims of the cheesesteak’s decline in Philly. Meanwhile, foie gras was banned in California; Los Angeles got into new-school vending; smoked cocktails and desserts became a trend San Francisco; and Chicago saw the <