After suspicious bags were found sitting at the front of the Alabama Post Office, the bomb squad was called in to examine their contents. After using robots to transport the bags, officers found not explosive materials, but hot dogs wrapped in aluminum foil.

According to WAFF, Police do not feel as though they overreacted to the situation. Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler tells the news station,

“We don’t have the privilege of dealing in probabilities; we have to consider all possibilities. We can’t guess wrong. We can’t assume anything, because if we assume wrong at the wrong time at the wrong location, it could cost somebody their lives.”

Now, a local business selling “Atomic Dogs” is trying to make light of the situation. A Facebook post from Wildwood Tavern, a restaurant and bar in Florence, reads,

“BREAKING NEWS: Today marks the first time one of our delicious dogs has ever been opened by a robot and accused of being a bomb. “The Atomic Dog” is officially famous… We are offering $1 OFF ALL HOT DOGS ALL DAY!”

Alas, another example of thirsty PR. Smh.

[via WAFF]