Ever wondered about the staying power of your iPhone 5 versus, say, a box of pasta?

The latest brilliant infographic from Visual.ly compares the life cycle of tech investments to common pantry staples.

For example, the 1977 Atari 2600 stayed relevant for about 15 years. That’s nearly five years less than the shelf life of dried carrots. Who knew?

The chart also shows the polarity between modern tech relevance and timeless foods. Honey will last forever, and even vinegar has a good 30 years before it goes bad.

In contrast, the iPad—and pretty much every smartphone—has a shelf life of just one year.

The infographic makes a visual statement about consumer culture, and the way we buy. As time goes by, we throw away products faster than ever. Why don’t we want something that lasts?

Check out the graph below to see the shelf life of your laptop compared to staple foods. Or check out the enlarged Visual.ly infographic here.

Shelf Life

[via Visual.ly]