An incredibly generous man named John decided to bring a little chicken sandwich joy to a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru on Monday during rush hour. According to KTXS, he bought dinner for the entire drive-thru line for just over an hour.

Franchise owner Brian LaCroix tells the story:

“A gentleman comes in in a white Chevy pickup truck, goes by the name of ‘John.’ He hands us ten $100 bills and says, ‘I’d like to pay for the next however-many-this-will-cover.’ He pretty much bought everybody’s meal in the drive-thru for a little over an hour.” 

Employee Duste Wolf said, “One lady actually cried, because she had a really tough day. She had a lot of bad stuff happen to her.”

That $1,000 covered dinner for 88 cars during a busy Monday night rush. Unlike that unhinged Taco Bell customer who attacked a woman for making him miss the breakfast cutoff, this incident also proves that some drive-thru customers are actually incredibly nice.

Why did John do it? Employees told KTXS that the man just wanted to make everyone’s Monday a little better.

[via KTXS, Consumerist]

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