If you’re upset your local McDonald’s is not offering hash browns past 10:30am, you’re not alone.

According to BuzzFeed News, 10% of McDonald’s restaurants across the nation are not offering hash browns past normal breakfast hours despite website claims that potatoes are available all-day.


The absense of hash browns is the result of a lack of necessary machinery needed to cook both hash browns and french fries at the same time. The hash brown patty is cooked using the same fryers used to make the french fries. Therefore, without adequate resources, a handful of McDonald’s restaurants would not be able to meet the demand for both of the fried foods.

Luckily, there may still be some hope. Spokesperson for McDonald’s, Lisa McComb, states that if your McDonald’s menu is currently hash brown-less, it does not mean it is permanent. She explains,

 “If a location isn’t able to offer hash browns at this point, that doesn’t mean they never may offer them as more learning continues to happen. There may be another solution in the future.” 

For now, sit tight and try to enjoy a side of fries with your lunchtime Egg McMuffin.

[via BuzzFeed News]