For years, customers begged McDonald’s to give them the opportunity to indulge in egg McMuffins for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The fast-food giant finally decided to give into consumer demand and rolled out all-day breakfast earlier this month.

As the country begins testing out the new and improved menu, customers and franchises alike have begun to identify both improvements and pitfalls related to serving breakfast all day long.

Boosted brand popularity has begun being out-shined by long lines and even slower service, giving customers less of a reason to want to try having breakfast for dinner in the future.

Here’s what’s working for McDonald’s and what isn’t in regards to the newly added all-day breakfast menu:

All-Day Breakfast Pros:

1. Boosted Brand Perception

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After years of failed new menu additions (McLobster Roll, anyone?), establishing an all-day breakfast menu sparked a nation-wide phenomenon. In the weeks leading up to the event, fans began strategically planning their orders and analyzing what the new menu would and would not entail. The result? According to CNBC, McDonald’s brand perception is the highest it’s been in two years.

2. Increased Overall Sales

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Back in August, we reported that by adding an all-day menu, McDonald’s would be able to pull out of its slump in sales. CNBC reports this theory has held true. Forty-six percent of adults now claim they would choose McDonald’s as their next meal—a 7% increase since July.


All-Day Breakfast Cons:

1. Kitchen Chaos

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Part of the problem surrounding the all-day breakfast menu lies within the fact that restaurants are unable to balance the regular lunch menu with the breakfast. Not only has the lack of resources has caused 10% of stores to stop offering hash browns past 10:30am, and many locations are having difficulty meeting orders. According to Business Insider, one franchise reports, “In small stores, the problems are vast with people falling over each other and equipment jammed in everywhere.”

2. Slower Service

In addition to the kitchen chaos, customers have begun feeling the effects of a high demand for Egg McMuffins. Business Insider reports another franchisee complained, “Customers are abandoning us in droves because we are either too slow, or sub-par quality.”

3. Confusing Menu

What might have begun as some friendly competition between two breakfast staples—the biscuit and the McMuffin—turned into some customers having difficulty adapting to the regionally differentiating menus. Many consumers were under the impression that a McDonald’s all-day menu would entail 24/7 access to every breakfast menu item. Instead, the new all-day menu is limited—not offering breakfast favorites like the McGriddle.

But as the hype for all-day breakfast begins to steady, restaurants will begin to adapt to the newly enacted menu. Who knows, maybe all-day McGriddles could be coming in the near future.

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