Anyone who pretends to believe in New Year’s resolutions has made a pledge to eat healthier in 2014. And regardless of whether you hop on the bandwagon of raw veganism, juice-cleansing, or any other trendy diet, most experts will agree that we could all use more nutrient-packed foods like vegetables, fruits, and beans in our lives.

The trouble is that there are only so many Chop’t salad one can scarf down before the primal urges for creamy, salty, fatty, and sweet kick in and that pint of ice cream feels like an acceptable dinner. If only there was a way to make vegetables as appealing as the dessert table, right?

Pinterest is flooded with ‘healthy junk food’ recipes telling us we can eat brownies for breakfast and still lose weight—the dieter’s Holy Grail.

Turns out, there might be. While you may not be able to turn carrots into cookies, it is possible to turn bananas into ice cream, beets into red velvet cake, and cauliflower into pizza. Pinterest is flooded with “healthy junk food” recipes telling us we can eat brownies for breakfast and still lose weight—the dieter’s Holy Grail.

Of course, it’s natural to feel a little skeptical about these miracle recipes. While the photos of mason jars overflowing with caramel made from crushed dates look gorgeous on the screen, does the finished product actually taste good in your out kitchen?

Recently, I embarked on a mission to test out many of these dishes—from cauliflower “tater tots,” to “chocolate mousse” made from avocados—to see if they’re worth their low-sodium salt. The caramel was actually great. Other recipes? Not so much.

While not all were successful, the ones that were are game-changers that would make a fine addition to your home-cooking repertoire. Some are easier to prepare than others, but access to a food processor is pretty critical across the board.

Here are the 10 “healthy junk food” recipes I cooked, ranked from most to least successful; the photos on the left are what you’ll find strewn across Pinterest, and the ones on the right are the finished dishes from my own kitchen.