Everyone knows you can never have just one dish on your plate at an HBCU homecoming. So, Howard and Xavier University alums, Freddie Ransome and Chef Bryant Terry are back to create part two of their HBCU x HC feast: an open-face tempeh sandwich topped with Memphis coleslaw.

Though Chef Terry may have attended Xavier in New Orleans, Louisiana, he’ll always be a Tennessee man at heart. Here, you’ll see him create his own “punchy, aggressive, and really creamy” coleslaw, inspired by his Memphis roots. But the homecoming recipe isn’t complete until Chef Terry’s peach and pomegranate bbq sauce is done.

While the two HBCU grads move about the kitchen, both reflect on and highlight the importance of homecoming and the festivities that go down morning, noon, and night. So hit your kitchen,  join the conversation, and chow down like you’re in the parking lot at tailgate!

In case you missed it, check out ep. 1 here