Brunch is a strange beast, a moment where you find yourself caught between two meals. Part of you wants something carb-y, like French toast or pancakes; the other part of you desires lunch, and craves meat and cheese.

If you happen to live in Hawaii, the newly opened Hawaiian Waffledog Company and Hilo Hattie’s Kona Bean Cafe have you covered. Both restaurants offer the rare waffledog.

As hinted at by the name, the delicious treat is a hot dog encased in waffle batter, then cooked to golden, crispy perfection.


The dogs are served with a combination of maple syrup and deli mustard, reports Tasty Island Hawaii.

The blog writes a shining review of the Waffledog:


“I’d say this here ‘Hawaiian Waffledog’ is a winner in salty, sweet ‘n savory way, with its excellent crusty, kinda’ mealy corndog-like texture of that waffle “bun”; where it practically comes off as tasting deep-fried. Add to that the superior meaty taste, snappy bite and overall quality of the Nathan’s Hot Dog itself, plus every ‘Hawaiian Waffledog’ is cooked to order—and quite fast at that—taking just minutes, which earns huge bonus points.”


The combination of foods may not be for everyone, but we can’t wait to try the waffle-wrapped hot dog.

Scroll down to see the making of the waffledog. All photos via Tasty Island Hawaii.





[via Tasty Island Hawaii]