One London-based company is claiming that it has invented a “hangover-preventing meat treat.” No, this is not actually the introduction to an episode of Punked, and yes, the company thinks using the phrase “meat treat” is a-okay. According to a press release, Serious Pig says that this cured pork snack—punnily dubbed “Hangover Cured”—is the first of its kind.

The company writes that the “revolutionary nibble has been carefully designed to eradicate the feared hangover.” How you ask? Because it is “high in protein” (like most meats) and contains “healthy doses of chili and ginger” which experts allegedly agree “help ease symptoms associated with hangovers” such as nausea and fatigue. Though honestly, if all it takes to prevent a hangover is to eat something high in protein with chili and ginger, your local Thai restaurant could easily take care of that too.

Hangover… Cured. #hangovercured

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Serious Pig recommends eating the cured pork—made from “100 percent British meat”—alongside your alcoholic beverages of choice for it to work the best. The company’s nutritionist Angela Dowden claims: “[Ginger is] a well known traditional remedy to prevent nausea, whilst chilli is thought to boost levels of feel good endorphins as well as improving circulation, so the body’s detoxification process can work optimally.”

However, these claims are pretty unsubstantiated. Charlotte Stirling-Read, a nutritionist not on Serious Pig’s payroll, tells the Independent that while it is a “good idea to eat food and not drink on an empty stomach,” cured pork—which is chock full of salt and fat—isn’t the healthiest option.

Science has already found another food to eat to prevent hangovers anyways. Researchers at CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency revealed in August that “pears may be the key to stopping hangovers before they start.” Plus, unlike cured meat snack, pears can help lower cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory effects. Shout out to all the pears.


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