What’s worse: Gwyneth Paltrow out here GOOPing in the name of people on food stamps, or Missouri Republicans trying to ban food stamp recipients from buying seafood and steak? It’s really a toss up.

All we know is, this is a very misleading way to look at SNAP benefits, Gwyn. Instead of a week’s worth of food, you went and bought two days worth of #cleanliving grub. That’s not going to get you very far, unless you’re looking at this as a “SNAP cleanse,” or trying to make guacamole, which you very well might be doing.

Really Gwyn, you should’ve just bought a 2-ounce jar of caviar to get you and your three kids through the week.

People are riled up about Gwyneth’s need-we-say-ignorant stance on food stamps. Here our our favorite tweets so far.









Here’s an idea: A reality show where Gwyneth goes to the hood and GOOPs people’s grocery lists!

[via the Twitterverse]

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