Do you remember a few weeks back when Olive Garden rolled out the $100 Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion? The 1,000 people who secured a Pasta Pass got access to all-you-can-eat pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks for seven weeks straight. Sounds like a dream—or a nightmare—depending on how you feel about “Alfredo Fettuccine with Chicken Fritta.”

Either way, a man in Philly with a Never Ending Pasta Pass is documenting his Olive Garden meals on Tumblr. Matt Pershe is his name, and he’s an AmeriCorps volunteer and a recent Penn alum.

Pershe bought the pass not to gain 300 pounds in the name of pasta, but rather to save money on food, seeing that his AmeriCorps stipend is “relative to poverty-level wages.” It’s only Day 5, and Pershe has been doing an excellent job turning his to-go Olive Garden orders into multiple meals, and making friends with the Center City Olive Garden staff. The value of his meals consumed to date: $52.86.

Here’s some of our favorite lines from Pershe’s Never Ending Pasta journey thus far:

Day 1: “There’s a guy named Carl who is forming a Twitter community of people nationwide who possess a Pasta Pass. I’m somewhat embarrassed to be part of it.”

Day 1: “I showed my pass to the employee who greeted me. She was impressed. Said she hadn’t seen one before. I was now the coolest guy in Olive Garden.”

Day 4: “Regret stuck with me the rest of the day because of the shameful lunch I ate.”

We can only guess the physical and mental state Pershe will find himself in on day 49.


Whole wheat linguini with five cheese marinara and shrimp “fritta”

[via The Never Ending Pasta Blog]