The Gray Lady has proven itself to be the most prolific of trolls in recent years, sadistically poking at Internet vipers nests from its above-the-fray perch. But ironically, the biggest NYT-related furor we’ve seen yet—one so big that even the President of the United States responded to it—is simply a recipe from a restaurant that’s been around for a couple of years.

Back in July of 2013, a similar, albeit smaller-scale outburst of opinions was catalogued by Grub Street when ABC Cocina first unveiled the recipe. Some called it a “crime against gastronomy,” while others hailed it as being “radical.”

But for some reason, it was NYT’s Melissa Clark’s revisiting of the recipe on Twitter that unleashed it to the world, turning it into the ultimate straw man for battling politicos.

Jeb Bush and the Texas GOP quickly slammed the idea as sacrilege, endearing themselves to the masses in the process.

But it was Obama who stunned the Twitterverse when @POTUS weighed in on the matter, making sure he had final say.

We obviously respect his opinion—stick to the classic guacamole add ins—but what has the world come to when world leaders are concerning themselves with guac?


Regardless, NYT Food Editor Sam Sifton remains hopeful that he can turn POTUS on to pea guac.