This is quite possibly the most disheartening news we’ve heard this year: The Gabila’s knish factory fire has left the company without any square, fried knish to send out until the end of November. The company, based in Suffolk County, New York, is famous for its Coney Island Square Knish, reports The Observer. Gabila’s posted this warning on the homepage of their site:


The Observer reached out to renowned knish maker Kenny Kohn of Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side. “Even if you had a suitcase full of money, [Kenny] couldn’t get you a square knish. All he’s got are the round baked variety.”

“’What I can do,’ he says, ‘is take a round knish, pound it out, turn it into a square and serve it to you.'” We say: That’s just not the same.

Only time will tell how this knish shortage affects the entirety of Manhattan.

[via The Observer]