Just as we were feeling gassed on American dessert ingenuity looking at the craziest news ice creams for 2016, Japan came through and reasserted its dominance in the frozen-treats field with these creamy swirls of soft-serve wrapped real gold leaf.

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According to Uproxx, the bling-bling blizzard comes from Kanazawa, which happens to be the gold-leaf capital of the world. And what do you do if you have an excess of edible gold foil? Turn it into a flavorless ice-cream topping, of course.

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Check out the videos to see how the soft-serve is draped delicately with a sheet of pure gold. The gilded cone goes for about $8—but first you have to get yourself to Japan, or at least invest in some gold leaf and make a trip to Dairy Queen. Either way, it’s a lot more reasonable than the $100, 24-karat gold doughnut that’s driving New Yorkers crazy.

To be honest, we’re a little upset we didn’t come up with this for Kanye Ice Cream Week.

[via Uproxx]