One thing is certain in life: ramen makes everything better.

But when you’re hungry, waiting a couple minutes for your water to boil and ramen to cook can seem like an eternity. Nissin, the company that makes Cup Noodles, knows this. The company also knows that Japanese ladies love actor Takumi Saito, so Nissan made a promotional site that allows you to go on a virtual date with Saito-san in the 3 minutes it takes to cook your noodles. The steamy actor will then entertain you while you slurp.

Since we’re ramen lovers, we thought we’d give the Cup Noodles virtual date experience a test drive. Here’s how it works:

Saito Introduces Himself

mitsumete saito 1

He introduces himself, and will say things like “Let’s wait for your noodles together” or “You’re hungry, huh? Hang in there, it’s only 3 minutes!” Then, you wait.

Like a Real First Date, Saito Wants To Fascinate You

mitsumete saito 2

…But Sometimes, It Gets Awkward

mitsumete saito 3

Really Awkward

mitsumete saito 4

Time for a Closeup

mitsumete saito 5

Saito-san will occasionally blow on your noodles for you after the 3 minutes are up. You can also click a button to fast-forward through the timer if you just want to see what he’s going to say. He’ll keep you company while you’re eating your noodles, too, and say things like, “I wish I had some noodles,” or “It makes me happy to watch you eat those delicious noodles,” which we think sounds like a different kind of video altogether.

Let’s Take A Selfie

mitsumete selfie stick

At the end, if you have a webcam, Saito-san suggests taking a selfie with him to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The wait period to set up the shot is short, but you can retake the photo as many times as you want.

A Cup Noodle To Remember

mitsumete 3

My very own selfie with Saito-san

Saito-san even guarantees that no matter how silly you think you look, he’ll look sillier than you in the shot. What a guy.

[via Japan Real Time]

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