Buffalo wings may be synonymous with party food and pub grub, but that association could be called into question if there’s a wing shortage or the price becomes prohibitive. Both scenarios are not outside the realm of possibility, warns Christian Science Monitor. In fact, the news organization predicts further price increases following a 52% bump in 2012.

Both a rise in demand and a dip in supply contributed to the price increase, but wings aren’t the only food to become more expensive. Across the board, “household food prices are expected to rise between 3 and 4 percent, according to projections from the 2012-2013 Food Price Outlook from the US Department of Agriculture.”

This goes for corn, wheat, soy, chicken, and beef. In many ways, it’s a Domino effect. Take corn, for example: The summer drought from 2012 led to a weaker harvest than usual, which in turn has resulted in a price increase on livestock feed. This contributes to both beef and chicken going up in price.

As long as chips and cheese prices don’t soar, we’ll be all good ’til the Super Bowl.

[via Christian Science Monitor]