A passenger of China Eastern Airlines used one single first class airplane ticket to eat food for free for an entire year, reports News.co.au.

But, but…how did he pull off such an incredible ploy?

Let us explain. When you have a first class airplane ticket, you can walk right into the VIP airport lounge and grab whatever you want because anything and everything you want—including food—is free.

The man booked a first class ticket on China Eastern Airlines and went to the VIP airport lounge at the Xi’an airport in Shaanxi, China and ate a full meal before his flight. Everything seems normal up to this point, right?

Except, the man never takes the flight. After he finishes eating, the man changes his flight’s departure to the next day and goes back home. Armed with a brand new first class ticket for a new day, he comes back to the airport lounge, and eats another fancy VIP free meal.

He then pushes his flight back again and, once again, eats for free.

Eat. Reschedule flight. Repeat.

The man pretty much got a year’s worth of free meals, seeing that “he changed his flight itinerary more than 300 times within the year so he could enjoy the facilities at the Xi’an Airport in Shaanxi, China.” Pure freaking genius.

Now for the best part: When China Eastern Airlines started investigating this brave man for changing his flights too many times, he simply canceled his airplane ticket and got a full refund. We want to give this man a hug.

[via News.co.au, Gizmodo]

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