As expected, someone made a parody of the animated Chipotle anti-industrial farming advertisement.

Last week, we brought you Chipotle’s high-budget, pixar-quality animated ad The Scarecrow, which the company created as positive press for their GMO free (mostly) meat and ethics. In reality, the video was a well-designed advertising ploy which made us feel all the feelings. You didn’t tear up when the cow gives the scarecrow sad eyes from inside a tiny torture box? Well then, you’re probably not human.

Between the glorious animation and the haunting rendition of “Pure Imagination” sung by none other than Fiona Apple, The Scarecrow brought us to our knees emotionally.

All while munching on Chipotle burritos.

This week, comedy site Funny or Die released a parody video poking fun at Chipotle’s obvious attempt to market themselves as “the good guys” and get customers to engage with the brand.

Revised song lyrics include the following lines: “Come with us, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. With an ad made for you, by a giant corporation…This is just a way to advertise.”

The video comes at the precise moment that FLOTUS and general badass Michelle Obama is cracking down on junk food production in America. In her speech this week, Obama said,

“But those of you from media companies also play a critical role in marketing food to our children, and I want to call on all of you to do your part as well. That means, for example, limiting the use of your licensed characters to market unhealthy food to kids, and limiting unhealthy food ads in your programming.”

Watch the video to see Funny or Die throw down the gauntlet on emotional advertising.

[via Grub Street]