A little over a month ago, Momofuku head honcho David Chang opened his mega-hyped new fried chicken-sandwich concept, Fuku, in Manhattan’s East Village. In that short period of time, Chang’s creation—which involves inches of chicken overhang extending past a Martin’s potato roll package—has proven to itself to be one of the greatest fast-food chicken sandwiches currently on the market.

Those hoping to cop a Fuku sandwich without making a trip downtown are in luck. Beginning today at 12pm, David Chang expands his MomoFuku empire with a new Midtown restaurant, Fuku+. 

The restaurant is located at 15 W. 56th Street, on the first floor of Má Pêche, where the Balcony Bar once existed. Hours are 12:00pm to 4:00pm and 5:00pm to 11:00pm daily.

Fuku+ features a menu for walk-ins (which does not include the iconic sandwich, but does include an item called MiniMe, which is a smaller version of the spicy fried chicken sandwich), as well as reservation packages for those who hope to experience the hype without a wait.

For $25 per person, parties of two to six guests can access the expanded reservation package menu, which does include the spicy fried chicken sandwich, as well as daikon slaw, a salad, french fries, biscuits, and Milk Bar confetti cookies for each person. If you’re a baller or expensing your lunch, The Fuku XXL package ($400 set price for four to six guests) is the way to go. Fuku+ also plans to debut and test new items to go on their walk-in menu, and we can only hope that means more fried chicken-related creations like “Fuku Fingers.”

While the restaurant is not currently taking to-go orders, both the walk-in menu and the reservation packages give New Yorkers plenty of options to be able to experience one of the greatest chicken sandwiches of our time.