A little over a month ago, Momofuku head honcho David Chang opened his mega-hyped new fried-chicken restaurant, Fuku, where the signature sandwich features a full boneless, skinless chicken thigh. So what is the team doing with all the white meat left over after the sandwiches get made? Fuku Fingers, that’s what.

Sorry McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, there’s a new chicken tender in town.

Chang posted the above video to his Instagram this afternoon, which shows a Fuku Finger being dunked seductively into sauce. Looks like the tenders will be all white meat, and they’ll be fried until golden and crunchy.

We need to know what that green sauce is. Maybe it’s a sweet-and-spicy honey-jalapeño number? Or maybe it’s alien plasma? Either way, we’d go hard on those Fuku Fingers if given a box.

[via Instagram/David Chang]

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