In one corner, we have the new Taco Bell Waffle Taco, which was hyped for months on end before finally dropping last week. In the other corner, we have Fruit Punch Oreos, which literally just showed up unannounced in our timeline today, much like the Beyoncé of snacks.

In fact, even the Oreo website has no information about them, but the blogger Sometimes Foodie found an ad in the newspaper this past weekend advertising them as a limited-edition Walmart exclusive. (Indeed, here they are.)

fruitpunchoroesDo we want to try them? Yes. Do we think they’ll be disgusting? Definitely. Can we wait for Twitter to get ahold of this news? Nope.

So far the Internet is quiet on this topic, but here are a few early reactions to early rumors—expect things to heat up as the day goes on: