Hold the phone, there’s a new entrant into the annals of amazing mashup desserts and cinnamon rolls: Chocolate chip cookie-stuffed cinnamon rolls, courtesy of the manics over at Dude Foods.

That’s right—chocolate chip cookie-stuffed cinnamon rolls. Say it ten times fast, then make it ten times fast. Dude Foods recipe-tester Nick explains that they are incredibly easy to whip up: Simply buy some cinnamon-roll dough and some cookie dough, lay the cookie dough on top of the cinnamon-roll dough, and roll them both up. In terms of cooking time, he advices:

The instructions for both the cookies and the cinnamon rolls called for both items to be baked at 350°, which worked out perfectly. They also said to bake the cookies for 9 – 13 minutes and the cinnamon rolls for 12 – 16 minutes, so I decided to throw them in my oven for 13 minutes and that ended up being the perfect amount of time.

There are disgusting dude foods and delicious dude foods in this world, but we’re pretty confident these are delicious.

chocchicinnroll1[via Foodbeast]