Really, everything in life should be named after athletes, including your child, your dog, your car, and—most importantly—your burger. Ever since 1960, when the combination of lemonade and iced tea was named after golf pro Arnold Palmer, people have been naming drinks and dishes in honor of their favorite sports stars.

In NYC, you can score yourself a $21.95 gut-crushing deli sandwich named after Carmelo Anthony, and in Phoenix, you can get a John Salley burger covered in jalapeño, pepper jack, and bacon. Then there are the iconic cereals and candy bars named after legendary quarterbacks and third basemen. In this world of crazy sports fanatics, it’s not enough to watch the game—you must show your devotion by devouring a sandwich named after your favorite pro athlete while you watch.

From Melo Sandwiches to Flutie Falkes, here’s a brief history of dishes named after professional athletes.