The issues that plague the American food system have become increasingly present in local and national news. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg sparked numerous debates around the way food affects public health, including an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to ban 16-ounce sodas in restaurants. Across the country, people are banding together in an effort to ban genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from the majority of the crops grown in America. Big name brands are catching on that consumers want organic products, and now you can’t walk through the grocery store without every other product boasting a newly minted green logo, pastoral background, screaming that it’s “all-natural.” (Though that might not always mean what you think.)

Suring Instagram for food porn and chef-stalking on Twitter is all well and good (needless to say, we do plenty of that), it’s also important to keep an eye on broader food issues and stay engaged in debates about where our food comes from and how we eat. To help you out, we’ve rounded up ten of the most influential food policy heavy-hitters who have taken a firm stance on a laundry list of issues. These are also people who often take to Twitter to air their opinions or share information.

While some names may be familiar (ahem, Michael Pollan), others are still working on getting their message out. If you’re looking to expand your food-policy knowledge from the one time you watched Food Inc. five years ago, following these folks is a good place to start.