There will always be that one glorious dish that is near and dear to your heart, a food that is synonymous with satisfaction and perfection. We asked our friends in the food and editorial world to write #FoodOdes to the dishes that they love. Here, an ode to the (f**king massive) nachos at Professor Thom’s from Jetsetter’s Charlotte Steinway (@charLOLtte).

After spending four years at school in Boston, it takes a whole lot of convincing to get me into a Pats bar. Especially one within earshot of the “USA” chants echoing from the eternally bromantic 13th Step nearby. But there’s truly something different about Professor Thom’s—and it’s just not that you can order a keg to your table or charge your phone in a neat little compartment that locks with the swipe of a credit card; those are all well and good, but the true reason I come to Pro Thoms is for the nachos.

It’s important to note that the mortar to the nachos’ bricks, the cheese, is almost perfectly distributed among each tortilla chip here—a rarity in high-volume kitchens, especially those doling out mid-game nosh to, dare I say, not the foodiest of folk. And though said sports fans may opt for meaty additions of chicken or steak, these bad boys are actually best served up vegetariano. With cornerstone dollops of sour cream, Pog-sized jalepeños, and homemade guacamole rivaling the chunky, pico de gallo-infused variety of my California youth, it’s safe to say Pro Thoms’ nachos could temp even the most die-hard Yankees fans, too.

The mortar to the nachos’ bricks, the cheese, is almost perfectly distributed among each tortilla chip—a rarity in high-volume kitchens.

Also of note: The serving size. The nachos are served up on two choices of behemoth pizza platters: regular (enough to feed a large family) and, for only $8 more, “XL” (enough to feed a small country). So hunker down and order the XL: You’re probably rolling deep (let’s sure hope so if you’re a Yanks fan), plus drunk and hungry—after all, if you wanted to really “watch” the game instead of stuffing your face with nachos, you’d be doing so from your couch. Which is certainly condonable, considering Professor Thom’s delivers. Trust me, I’ve tried.