From sneakers to perfume, the fashion and food worlds often intersect. And ever since nail art’s popularity exploded a few years back, plenty of folks have been flashing their tastes on their digits. These fun, funny manicures let everyone know in no uncertain terms that you love to eat—with your hands.

Scroll down to see some of the most intricate food-inspired nails.

Fast-food nails

Photo: The Nailasaurus

The blogger behind Nailasaurus (@thesammersaurus) got these fast-food decals from monthly subscription service Nailed Kit. The golden arches were her own addition, which she freehanded flawlessly with a nail-art brush. (Photo: The Nailasaurus)

Photo: Ms Critique

The editor of lifestyle blog Ms. Critique (@ms_critique) calls herself the Chuck Norris of the Internet, “karate chopping my way through the mundane and banal.” Walker Texas Ranger wishes his hands looked this good. (Photo: Ms Critique)

Photo: Sarah Kane

Check out Austin-based manicurist Sarah Kane’s (@atxlacquerista) step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate these digital pizza slices (get it?). For a humorous feature nail, paint one with a bite taken out of the bottom. (Photo: Sarah Kane)

Dessert nails

Photo: Naomi Yasuda

Naomi Yasuda’s (@naominailsnyc) over-the-top nail designs can be regularly spotted on fashion models and celebrities. The thickly applied 3D ice-cream melting down the cone shows what a real pro can do. (Photo: Naomi Yasuda)

Photo: Wondrously Polished

Wondrously Polished blogger Lindsey (@wondrouslypolished) does some really amazing art-themed manicures. This one isn’t inspired by pop art or Aboriginal dot painting—donuts are an art form all of their own. (Photo: Wondrously Polished)

Photo: Chalkboard Nails

Practical this isn’t, but come on—how cool is this manicure using actual sprinkles? Chalkboard Nails editor Sarah Waite (@chalkboardnails) created it for a photo shoot, and she claims the candy was surprisingly secure once the polish dried. (Photo: Chalkboard Nails)

Fruit and vegetable nails


Australian beauty blogger ‘chelle (@cosmeticcupcake) loves nails and food, which makes her a lady after our own heart. If you want to try this yourself, take note of the sparkly red polish on the feature nail and the green rhinestone leaves. (Photo: Cosmetic Cupcake)

Photo: Never Too Much Glitter

The artist behind Never Too Much Glitter ( created this while living in Japan and craving fresh salads. If you’re feeling her on the vegetables, you can pick up a set of these press-ons at her Etsy store. (Photo: Never Too Much Glitter)

Photo: Sugar Stars

Watermelon nail designs are pretty common, but Erin of The Sugar Cube blog really nailed the rind on this fruity French manicure. Look at those streaks! (Photo: The Sugar Cube)

Sushi nails

Photo: Geordie Nails

Simplicity can be so effective. English blogger Lisa’s (@geordie_nails) graphic, DIY maki rolls are adorable and easy to recreate; she used French tip guide stickers to get a clean line for the white rice. (Photo: Geordie Nails)

Photo: @mqmx666

According to RocketNews, the artist who made these realistic press-ons posted a photo to Twitter with the following caption: “I made sushi nails, but they’re kinda gross lol!” We kind of want a salmon sashimi manicure now. (Photo: @mqmx666)

Photo: Kiki White

Italian illustrator and fashion designer Kiki White (@kikiwhite00) says these were inspired by Katy Perry’s sushi manicure (which matched her sushi outfit) at the 2009 Japan MTV Video Music Awards. But if you ask us, Kiki one-upped Katy with the addition of tiny chopsticks. (Photo: Kiki White)