Do you throw your fortune cookie away after downing your chow mein and Kung Pao chicken? Next time, you might want to crack it open and read what’s inside.

Florida resident Richard Davis found the winning numbers to the $10 million Florida lottery jackpot after using the digits on his fortune cookie. Davis tells the Sun Sentinel that he periodically plays the fortune cookie numbers that he gets from one specific restaurant located in North Carolina.

Davis perviously used his fortune cookie numbers in the multi-state Powerball game, but he recently decided to switch to the state-wide Florida lottery. Fortunately, the odds were in his favor and he took away the prize, making him $7 million dollars richer.

The chances of winning the Florida lottery are one-in-23-million, while Powerball has a one-in-175-million chance.

With his newfound stack of cash, Davis can now afford even more orange chicken and fried rice.

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