Given $8.50 and free run of a bodega, what would you buy?

In essence, that is the conceit of “The Five Pound Munch,” a web series from GrimeReportTV which invites notable members of the UK grime scene to spend five pounds at various corner shops around London. Inevitably, hilarity ensues, thanks in part to some dubious math skills and unfiltered commentary about everything from Pot Noodles to Caribbean breads.

“Cake and custard. It makes sense, innit,” says Big Narstie. “Only a few man know about biscuits,” notes Stormin. What they both demonstrate is the breadth of possibility available to budget-conscious snackers. Achieving a balance of sweet and salty is important, as is finding the proper beverage to wash it all down. Different shops offer different products and displays, turning each episode into a treasure hunt to find nostalgic nibbles like McVities digestive biscuits, Monster Munch, and Quavers.

The best episodes star the aforementioned Big Narstie (racking up an astonishing 60K views) and Stormin (watch below). Popular YouTube emcees Blizzard, Kozie, and Sox also take turns. When Scruffizer joins the fun, he reminds the audience that “it’s very tempting to get sweets, you know.” When in a convenience store, all customers revert to childhood favorites.

Other things you can learn from watching “5 Pound Munch”:
1. English people love sweets.
2. Chips come in all shapes and flavors in the UK.
3. Scoring a Guinness for £1.10 is a “BIG MAN TING!”
4. “Don’t push me, push a push pop.”
5. Proprietors of corner shops are regularly called “boss man.”

So don’t mourn the end of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Instead, celebrate the brilliance of the “Five Pound Munch.”

[via GrimeReportTV]