Sometimes, we read something and think to ourselves: Why the fuck hasn’t anyone thought of this until now? Such was the case when we heard about the first food truck specializing in weed-infused edibles.

On April 20, a Seattle-based company called MagicalButter debuted the Samich truck, which sells delicious-sounding sandwiches, tomato soup, grilled cheese, and brownies containing butter, oil, or cheese laced with THC.

According to Fox News, Samich stands for “Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness” (obviously). The truck is a converted school bus painted bright pink, and its mascot is a smiling stick of green butter.

The company debuted the edibles truck in Denver—where pot has been legal since January 1—at the Cannabis Cup. But, “the truck’s Colorado debut was more marketing ploy than true launch,” reports NPR. After the Denver festival, the truck headed back to the company headquarters in Washington State, which is just starting to tax and regulate recreational weed sales.

And now for the best news ever: The truck’s founder, Garyn Angel, has plans to develop a “small fleet” of edibles trucks. Angel tells FWx that he’d like to have vehicles in San Diego, Toronto, and Tampa, and launch trucks in Seattle when Washington state legalizes weed (estimates suggest that the legalization will go down this summer).

This is only the beginning of the edibles food truck craze, and we can’t wait to see it reach its peak.

[via Eater, NPR, Fox News]

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