Thinking about ordering-in pizza tonight? News about the age-old ‘za box might make you reconsider.

The FDA plans to ban three different kinds of perfluoroalkyl ethyls, a group of chemicals commonly used as grease-proofing agents in food packing items like pizza boxes. According to Food Safety News, “the perfluoroalkyl ethyl is used in food contact substances (FCSs) that act as oil and water repellants for paper and paperboard, which comes in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.”

But what’s so bad about these chemicals anyway? New data has proved that toxic chemicals that are structured similarly to these chemicals have given the FDA reason to believe there isn’t “a reasonable certainty of no harm from the food-contact use of these FCSs.”

According to the FDA, the finalized ban will take place 30 days after its publication in the Federal Register, which Grub Street explains is the official log of federal rules.

The question remains: What does this mean for the future of pizza delivery?

[via FSN, Grub Street]