For most of us, Waffle House is a place largely reserved for road trip bites and the occasional, drunken journey into the land of scattered, smothered, and covered. In New Orleans, though, Waffle House is about to get a swanky upgrade.

A proposed, quasi-haute Waffle House will bring 1,719 square feet of diner food to the Crescent City, according to New Orleans’ Mid-City Messenger, complete with first-of-its-kind outdoor seating.

wafflehousePhoto: City of New Orleans

“We’re actually providing something we’ve never provided on another restaurant we’ve ever done, with a little side bistro courtyard area,” said Bob Pence, a Waffle House real estate executive. “So I think that once we get this built, you will see that it’s probably the fanciest Waffle House restaurant you will ever see. We tried to make it look a little New Orleans-ish.” 

wafflehouse2Photo: City of New Orleans

Waffle House has proven to be a perennial favorite haunt of celebrities (as well as boozy revelers). Of course, there’s the now-legendary Chrissy/John and Kim/Kanye double date night. Just this week, Donnie Wahlberg hit up the Waffle House in Kansas City after his triumphant return to the stage as part of the New Kids on the Block reunion tour.

Hopefully, we’ll catch a glimpse of Beyonce and her NOLA-resident sister, Solange, grabbing some hash browns at the new Waffle House in the near future.

[via New Orleans Mid-City Messenger]