Food fashioned as art doesn’t always hit the sweet spot, but when food art includes a dose of wit and/or playfulness, it usually makes us smile. Case in point: The “Sausage in Art” project by Photographer Karsten Wegener, designer Silke Baltruschat, and food stylist Raik Holst, which depicts iconic works of art recreated using—you guessed it—bratwursts and deli meats. There’s a hot dog version of Jeff Koon’s Poodle (that was an easy one), a sausage-salami version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, a packaged ham tribute to Edvard Munch’s The Scream, and an extremely well conceptualized homage to Damien Hirst.

Here, Wegener explains her sausage and deli meat collection to Fast Company’s Co.Design website:

“We recognized pieces of art in the different appearances of sausage and meat. For some pictures, the appearance of the food itself was the connection to the artwork. For others it was the combination or arrangement of different foods, the packaging or the name of a dish.”

While these might not be as pretty as the original masterpieces, they surely have us thinking about salami sandwiches for lunch.

[via High Snob]