If you’re a typical hungry gaijin roaming around the streets of Tokyo, sometimes your best bet is to scope out those cutesy display cases featuring life-like plastic models of noodles and sushi. Believe it or not, fake-food replicas are big business in Japan: A bowl of tempura soba costs around $42 to replicate in non-edible form (compare this to its $9.50 price tag in real life).

According to Spoon & Tamago, fake-food manufacturer Hatanaka thinks it can increase its profits by venturing into the fashion industry. You can now order silver dollar pancake earrings, greasy bacon belts, and even curry-rice necklaces. It definitely takes a certain kind of swagger to pull them off. But we’re used to that sort of thing.


Bacon Belt


Meat-sauce Doria Ring


Pancake Jewelry


Curry Rice With Spoon Necklace


Check out the English page to order spaghetti hair bands and other essential items.

[via Spoon & Tamago, h/t Laughing Squid]