Before dropping big bucks on a block of aged Parmesan cheese at Whole Foods, think twice. The black market has turned its greedy eye to the food world.

In recent years, the amount of money made on illegal goods has skyrocketed. From wine to olive oil, the world of delicious food and drink is full of impostors. And the dangers go beyond your checkbook, unfortunately. Recent news reports told of the 22 tons of fake beef seized from a factory in China. The beef was actually pork, treated with paraffin wax and industrial salts. Do you want that in your dinner?

According to the BBC, “Economic strife, unemployment and the high cost of living could lead to a growth in black market food sales and food fraud.” Be sure you know what you’re buying.

Take a look at the gallery to see what surprising foods are on the black-market list, and double check your goods before stepping up to the cashier.