Food-inspired kicks aren’t new to the sneaker game: Vans and Asics have both put out burger-inspired footwear in the last five years, and Vans referenced Shake Shack in a 2012 collab.

This week, U.K. retailer End Clothing joins the fast-food-as-muse club when it releases a Saucony Shadow 5000 called the Burger.

Burger sneaker back

The $135 nubuck, suede, and leather runner isn’t echoing any sloppy old Big Mac, either. The aspirational product description describes the rise of the haute burger as the concept’s starting point:

“Over the past couple of years new gourmet burger joints have been popping up all over the world, using high quality ingredients such as flakes of gold, foie gras and truffles as toppings to the burgers. Even Michelin starred chefs are getting in on the action.”

It’s about time the fashion world takes on luxe burgers.

Burger sneaker label

The theme even extends to the packaging, with additional laces disguised as condiment sachets and a take-out inspired custom shoebox.



If you can get to Newcastle in England, the END. x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Burger” will be available in-store from May 1. Otherwise, get in the virtual “queue” for for the May 3 online release.

[via Complex Sneakers, End Clothing]

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